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I help teach ESL classes to 1st through 9th grades of public school in Japan. I have difficulty using clip art on worksheets or for flashcards (like I spend about as much time or more sifting through image searches than if I just made drew/doodled what I thought I needed).... I've gotten to a point where I occasionally create new material from scratch,


The following pages will be a collection of things which I have (hopefully) used in a class. Though there maybe some random articles, educational posters and things made during a fit of hyperfocus with a great belief the item would serve a purpose but probably never reached actual implimentation.

I make bingo sheets, for classes.... for some reason I use them every other month.

I made a poster sized world map.

I made some Stairwell Color Labels with some katakana phonetic guides (The most frequently I see a class is once a week so I need to provide the students with a way to practice vocabulary or learn new vocabulary on their own... without 'forcing' them to..because Japan).

All hail the neogeocities.